A pride that hurts

The rose novel, the romantic cinema, are full of topics that closely relate love to pain. That thin line that separates the most dedicated passion from the exacerbated hatred must be very imperceptible, so much so as to ensure that whoever loves you well will make you cry. More than a tear, of rage, of pain, of impotence, would be shed yesterday in Gipuzkoan homes when seeing how the effort made by those boys who defend with such bravery the colors that are ours, those of all, were left with a final due to their lack of success and because one of the best goalkeepers in the world crossed their path.

When pain is mixed with pride, it is difficult to make one of the two feelings prevail. It is not enough to have displayed such a courageous and avant-garde repertoire, so generous in delivery, as to be superior to Barcelona when the main objective, qualifying for the final, is not achieved. La Real grew as the game progressed, it was cornering its rival but did not knock him out, largely because Ter
Stegen I avoid it. But it is difficult to avoid the feeling of a great missed opportunity. Of not having had to reach the penalty shootout to decide a duel in which the Real opposed more to be on Sunday in The
Charterhouse than a lower Barcelona, ​​especially when it comes to spare parts.

Whether defeats of this style tan or grow is something difficult to verify. Perhaps less in this 2021 since in three months the Real will play another final and, therefore, it will be easy to assess how much a defeat like yesterday’s against Barcelona has increased its maturity deposit. As there are three months until the derby arrives, it is not enough comfort for nights like yesterday. When you are better than your rival, you have to win. And when a final is at stake, as when a title is at stake, you have to reach the goal. How beautiful the corpse was, no one will remember.

La Real confirmed in Córdoba its admirable game proposal that, on the other hand, it has been deploying with Imanol for more than a year and a half. In other words, it did not need to be validated in an instance such as the semifinal of a Super Cup since it had already passed enough reliability tests beforehand. Yesterday the pass to a final was at stake and it was not achieved. And that, no matter how much pride the behavior on the Real field generates, it hurts. Much.