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Alive-My Soundtrack

ARTIST: David Garrett

SEAL: Universal Music

PRICE: $ 473 (2 CDs)

Alive-My Soundtrack, is perhaps the most personal album in David Garrett’s career, since it has songs that have a very special meaning in his life: « … my heart beats for all the songs on this album, because I have an intense connection with all of them. In short, I carry a bit of each one in my heart « , declared the violinist. Garrett continues his success story and takes us on a journey through the exciting world of Hollywood, without forgetting his roots in classical music, mixing virtuous performances with modern sounds. It is precisely those combinations that make this album such an exciting listening experience.

Rock in your Electric Language

ARTIST: Various Artists

SEAL: Sony Music

PRICE: $ 153

Last September a presentation of the concept Rock in your Symphonic Language had been planned. However, the impossibility of gathering so many people on stage and of summoning the public, led the promoters to make a presentation via streaming in electric format. In this new way of performing concerts, musicians from bands such as Caifanes, Neón, Fobia, Bon y los Enemigos del Silencio, Hidden Faces and Dangerous Rhythm met on the stage of the National Auditorium, among many others, who offered an unforgettable show. To go from the ephemeral to the tangible, this album appears that captures the best moments of that memorable concert.


ARTIST: David « Fathead » Newman

SEAL: High Note Records

PRICE: $ 486

After decades in the world of music, David « Fathead » Newman, who died in 2009, became one of the leading tenor saxophonists, standing out in various genres, from soul to funk, through direct jazz and post. -bop. His latest recordings showed his formidable skills in addition to the alto sax and the flute. On this record, the sultry sound of his tenor sax speaks volumes with its smooth and subtle phrasing, with the excellent accompaniment of great keyboardist Cedar Walton and legendary trombonist Curtis Fuller, who gives the group’s sound a pleasing new depth. Many years later, Newman’s performance remained forceful and delicate.

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