A possible folding Huawei Mate X2 is seen in the TENAA certification

First came the Huawei Mate X, secondly we met an evolution in the form of Mate Xs and now, two years from the presentation to the first, we are witnessing the first data that revolve around who may be the successor, the Huawei Mate X2 that appears reflected in TENAA.

Once again, the Chinese body in charge of certifying terminals becomes a source of information by showing a model with different variants that from different media suggest that it may be the Huaxe Mate X2. Passing the certification process also means that a possible advertisement can be very close in time. Also, in this case a mysterious terminal has « sneaked in » of which nothing was known until now.

Two phones, one unknown

Specifically, TENAA has seen the TET-AN00 / TET-AN10 model pass its certification, which believed to be the Huawei Mate X2. After passing through the 3C, another certifying entity, this Huawei model follows its roadmap and comes a little closer to being presented.

With these data in hand, everything points to the next folding phone will have 66W fast charging support, so that it will be equipped with the Mate 40 that we met a few weeks ago. Remember that already in May, from 91mobiles they pointed out that this model would have a closing system that would make the mobile fold horizontally from the center, unlike the previous version. On the outside, there would be a display in the style of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2, but for now there is nothing confirmed.

Of the rest of the possible specifications, remember what so far circulates on the network, such as this Mate X2 it would have an 8.3-inch screen on a panel with a 120Hz refresh rate, which will be based on the Kirin 9000 SoC processor.

But what has really surprised is that together with this model a mysterious terminal has crept in of which figures and data do appear. Regarding the Huawei CDL-AN50 interesting details appear. References to measurements, screen size, or compatibility with 5G networks.

A model compatible with 5G networks that makes use of a 6.5-inch screen and a 3,900 mAh battery. The phone measures 162.31 x 75.0 x 8.58 millimeters and supports two card slots and a 40W fast charge.

It should be remembered that weeks ago Huawei presented the patent for a new phone, a cross between the best of the Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha and the Huawei Mate XS, so all eyes are on the next release.

Via | 91mobiles


A possible folding Huawei Mate X2 is seen in the TENAA certification