With the NBA break more current than ever and with the real chance that it will last for several more months, the closest thing to an NBA game that many of us can experience is in a video game. In a market dominated by just two companies, the 2k franchise still retains a strong advantage over EA Sports’ NBA Live, but year after year they both compete for the market.

A possible cover for NBA 2k21 has been leaked tonight featuring a blurred image of a player, who clearly wears a white jersey, but is very difficult to distinguish. Many say it will be Tim duncan, taking advantage of the fact that the name of the game is related to the number worn by the former Spurs, but others are encouraged to say that it will be Kobe Bryant whoever the cover is.

Kobe has already been on the cover of the game, but with his recent passing and the buzz he has had with fans, the 2k move would be ideal as far as sales are concerned. We still don’t know if this cover has anything to do with April’s Fools or if it’s real, but fans are already excited about the future of the saga.

Sneak peek of the NBA2k21 cover pic.twitter.com/8l36hvlqCV

– SLAM Gaming (@SLAMftw) April 1, 2020