A policeman died and another injured

A police officer died and another is hospitalized with serious injuries after being run over by a vehicle that tried to cross an access point of the federal Capitol, an incident in which the suspect also died after being shot at the site, according to reports this Friday. authorities.

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After running over the police officers and hitting his vehicle against the North Capitol barricade, the driver got out of the car with a knife and there he was shot dead by other troops. The second officer run over was transported to a nearby hospital and had “serious injuries,” according to police sources revealed to NBC 4.

The deceased police officer was later identified as William “Billy” Evans, who had an 18-year career within the institution.

Sources who spoke to NBC News said the suspect in the incident would be Noah Green, a 24-year-old man from Indiana, although the identity of the attacker has not been officially confirmed at the moment.

The possible reasons for the event, which occurred after 1 pm local time, are still being investigated.

A difficult year

“It has been an extremely difficult and challenging year, but we will come through,” said Yogananda Pittman, Acting Director of the Capitol Police.

Robert Contee, acting chief of the Metropolitan Police Department, said the attack “does not appear to be related to terrorism,” although its causes are still being investigated.

“We will continue investigating to see if there is any kind of nexus of this type,” Contee said at a press conference with the Capitol police.

The Capitol and all surrounding buildings had been placed under preventive closure, a measure that was lifted shortly after 3 p.m. local time.

Two law enforcement officers told The Associated Press that investigators initially believed the suspect stabbed one of the officers, but it was later unclear whether the knife actually made contact, in part because the vehicle hit the officers so hard. The officials were not authorized to publicly discuss the investigation and spoke on condition of anonymity.

The story of police officers

Authorities said there was no ongoing threat, although the Capitol was closed for a time as a precaution. There was also no apparent immediate connection between Friday’s crash and the January 6 riots.

Law enforcement officers identified the suspect as 25-year-old Noah Green. Investigators were running a background check and examining whether he had any mental health history as they tried to discern a motive. They were working to obtain access orders to their accounts online.

Pittman said the suspect did not appear to have been on police radar. But the attack underscored that the building and campus, and the officers tasked with protecting them, remain potential targets of violence.