Cinemaran and Garbo Media have published the Spanish trailer and poster for ‘Ip Man 4: The End‘, as its name indicates the fourth and last installment of the successful and popular franchise starring a Donnie Yen accompanied on this occasion by the British Scott Adkins.

Close to 60 years old and newly diagnosed with cancer, Ip Man traveled to the United States to found a martial arts school with which to ensure the economic future of his son. His destination is San Francisco, where he lives one of his most precious students, Bruce Lee (Kwok-Kwan Chan), and where he will be involved in a conflict that pits different martial artists against each other.

Directed by Wilson Yip, written by Edmond Wong and produced by Raymond Wong as well as the previous three installments, the film will be released in our country on August 23 through Movistar +.

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