A One Piece fan wants to pay tribute to his terminally ill father with a very special ending


We often find new theories about our favorite series on forums like Reddit. However, this is a special appeal from a forero who has created an anonymous account so as not to associate his personal account with this sad news.

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This user calls on the followers of One Piece to build a logical theory, or as similar as possible to the trajectory that the series will follow, since, sadly his father is terminally ill and they will not be able to finish it.

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For more than five years this user showed the series of Straw Hats to his father, and together they watched as Luffy and company are living new adventures. Unfortunately, a few weeks ago he was diagnosed with aggressive cancer. Therefore, he would like to form a thread to build a theory about the end of One Piece, to pay tribute to his father.

Please help create an ending for One Piece for someone who won’t live to see the end from r / OnePiece

You still don’t know how long your father has been diagnosed with, However, he sadly thinks that he will not be able to read beyond chapter 974. If you are a great writer, follower of One Piece and you see yourself capable of elaborating a good theory, you are in time to contribute it to the thread.

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