A nurse tests the COVID vaccine: “This gives us some hope”

With the Pfizer and Moderna vaccine advertisements, the vaccine is getting closer and closer to arriving and, with it, the old normality with which we lived before March. In addition to these vaccines, which are expected to arrive in Spain in January next year, many others are continuing their studies and clinical trials in volunteers around the world.

This is the case of the AstraZeneca antibody treatment that will be tested in the UK on 1,000 volunteers. This vaccine has a very rapid potential to protect people from the virus and lasts between six months and a year. And it is that for many, receiving these doses is no longer an option, if not they are your only way to help your already weakened immune system -in cases of sick or elderly people.

Karen was one of the first to receive the vaccine in the UK. This nurse will seek to return to the normal life that we knew before the pandemic, in addition to helping in the studies of this vaccine, with which it is also intended to protect health workers who fight on the front line of battle against the coronavirus. “Professionally, I have seen the impact that COVID has had on people working in the ICU. It has been devastating for patients and their families, “Karen tells Sky News.

“We cannot rely on just one treatment”

“For me, this is personal. I miss seeing my friends, hugging my daughters. Recovering normalcy for me and my children is very important ”, adds the nurse, who has not been able to see her parents since last March. “This treatment gives us some hope. I want that for everyone”, he adds, telling the media how happy he was to be the first person to receive the vaccine, despite having to be monitored by a paramedic at the time of the injection.

He even hopes that the vaccine will be effective for health personnel in the coming months: “I see how hard it is, my colleagues are working on the front line. NOr we can go out and laugh, there is no rest for us. We all desperately want that normalcy back and I hope this can deliver that. This is enormously important because we know that we are going to need more than one thing to save ourselves. “.

“Realistically, the number of people who are going to need vaccines, or what I have received, is enormous. We cannot rely on just one treatment. With many different versions I hope we can roll it out faster and wider to protect everyone, ”adds Karena. Now a friend of the nurse will be the next to get the vaccine, another from Yorkshire.