Ford, Kia and Volswagen lend themselves to give a car to the nurse

Alba was heading to the field hospital of Ifema to save lives

The automobile sector has overturned with a nurse from the Ifema field hospital who suffered an accident on the way to work. His request for help on social networks has gone viral and he has received a shower of messages from companies that have not hesitated to give up any of their cars.

Her name is Alba and she is a nurse at Ifema’s field hospital. Last April 1, he suffered an accident while on his way to save lives and cure those patients affected by the coronavirus.

My girlfriend, who is a nurse, was going to the Ifema Campaign Hospital today to work and has had an accident, leaving the car as you see. We know that there are some companies that are offering cars to healthcare personnel to go to work, can someone help us? RT

– Pardo (@ DavidPardo_96) March 31, 2020

David, his partner, sent the help signal through his Twitter profile. A few minutes later, the message went viral with almost 10,000 people sharing it. Many companies in the sector such as Europcar, Sixt, Volkswagen and Kia did not hesitate to give up some of their cars for the nurse.

Hello @ DavidPardo_96! First of all, we hope your girlfriend is fine! Maybe we were late, but we have obtained a car to be able to give it to your girlfriend (we were managing it, we have delivered many already). We follow you and contact you by DM. A greeting!

– Volkswagen Spain (@VW_es) April 1, 2020

Good morning, we are sorry for what happened, we hope your girlfriend is evolving well.
If you still do not have a vehicle to move, we can try to transfer one of our fleet, anyway, if you know of a similar case, tell us, to see if we can do something.

– Kia Spain (@kiamotorsiberia) April 2, 2020

Good morning @ DavidPardo_96, we hope your girlfriend is well. We would like to help you. Please, send us a direct message and we will discuss it. Cheers

– SIXT Spain (@sixtespana) April 1, 2020

Ford Spain, in addition to lending a car to the nurse, was willing to help the nurse and her boyfriend with the repair of the Ford Ka that was badly injured.

Hello david. We hope your girlfriend is in perfect condition, we couldn’t believe it. We see that they have already contacted you! If you consider it necessary, here you have us to contribute our grain of sand and help you repair that little one. We send you DM!

– Ford Spain (@FordSpain) April 1, 2020

Thanks to the mass response and virality of his message, Alba will be able to continue slowing down the expansion of the Covid-19. The nurse was very grateful and sent a message of encouragement to all those currently suffering from the serious consequences of the pandemic.

“I wanted to give you infinite thanks for all the help and support received. Despite the sad times we are experiencing, we can see a beautiful feeling of unity. Much encouragement to those who are at home and to those who have lost someone. One day less, “said Alba after the response of all brands.

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