A note from a waiter alerting a customer that she was a victim of harassment that went viral

An American woman recounted a situation of harassment that she lived in a bar and how a local waiter managed to save her. The experience went viral on social media and the bartender’s attitude was praised by the virtual community.

On June 13, Trinity Allie wrote on her Twitter account: “A man was harassing me and my friend and the bartender handed me this note, as if it were the account ticket. This is the kind of bartender we all need. “

In the note it is possible to read: “If this guy is bothering you, put your hair on your shoulder and I’ll make him go away. (This man) is giving me the creeps. “

The publication was accompanied by a photo where the worker, dressed in a Hawaiian shirt, is seen next to the note. “I had him pose for this after the boy left just to show my appreciation,” clarified Trinity, who said the bartender must have yelled at the stalker to stay away, because the girls “clearly weren’t interested.” The man reportedly replied that he had been “a bit aggressive,” to which the employee replied, “Well, you’re flirting aggressively with them and you should go.

Later, the barman, whose name is Max Gutiérrez, commented on the Twitter thread and said that on Sunday night the stalker returned to the bar to have a beer, but from the premises they warned him that they were not going to serve him. Finally, Max and Trinity got back together and she posted a photo on her social media account.

The post quickly went viral and surpassed 217,000 likes and was filled with comments that praised the bartender’s actions. “Not all heroes wear a cape. Some wear Hawaiian shirts, “wrote a user of the network.

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