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Che Diaz, a non-binary Latino character, will join the sequel to the popular series Sex and the City, which together with Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte will deal with the obstacles of the reality of a 50-year-old woman , the streaming platform HBO Max announced on Wednesday.

Actress Sara Ramírez will join Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davies in And Just Like That…, a show that will feature 10 half-hour episodes, which will begin filming in New York this summer.

Diaz’s character is a stand-up comedian who hosts a podcast in which Carrie Bradshaw frequently intervenes. She has a “big heart” and a “flamboyant and forward-thinking sense of humor,” qualities that, along with her insight into the roles each sex plays, make her show very popular, explains HBO Max.

“Sara has a unique talent and is just as comfortable with comedy as she is with drama. We are very excited and inspired to create this new character for the show, “said the show’s executive producer, Michael Patrick King in a statement.

The choice of Ramírez, who identifies as queer and as a non-binary person (his gender identity contains aspects considered masculine and feminine), is known after several specialized entertainment media reported that the series was looking for new recurring characters that were women of color.

After that information emerged, HBO Max’s head of content, Casey Bloys, told TVLine that both Parker and King wanted to reflect the diversity of New York in the sequel to Sex and the City.

“They didn’t want to tell the story with only white writers or with only white actors, because it is not a reflection of New York,” explained Bloys.

Meanwhile, actress and singer Jennifer Hudson said she would love to return to her role as Carrie’s assistant, which she played in the 2008 film based on the series. “I hope so, I would love to,” he recently told ET.

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