After the World Health Organization launched a WhatsApp bot to receive information about the COVID-19 pandemic, Telegram has promoted a similar concept, verifying the official channels of the ministries of health of different countries, Spain included.

The official Telegram channel of the Ministry of Health has been publishing for a few weeks, although it is now that Telegram has sent a notification to its users to suggest that they follow this source of information. It shares the latest data updates, tips and news.

The news, on your Telegram

If you want to stay informed of the latest news related to COVID-19, directly in your Telegram account, the process is as simple as joining the official channel of the Spanish Ministry of Health. As of today, the channel already has more than 62,000 subscribers.

To join, you just need to enter this link and tap on Join. You can complete the process on any of the platforms on which Telegram is available: mobile, web or its official application for the desktop.

The official channel automatically publishes the, although it is more than a Twitter repeater: there are also own posts with photos, tips, reminders, data updates and other useful information.

The Spanish Ministry of Health is not the only one to have its Telegram channel verified. From the Coronavirus Info channel you can stay informed of other countries that have a similar initiative. As of today, these are India, Israel, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan.

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         The Spanish Ministry of Health launches a Telegram channel: a new way to keep up to date with COVID-19