A new variant emerged, different from that of the United Kingdom

The concern with the new variant of the coronavirus is that the vaccines can against them. Already 15 countries have located it.

A new variant of the coronavirus has emerged, different from that of the United Kingdom, and is found in 15 different countries. According to a report from the University of Edinburgh, the challenge is whether current vaccines can handle it.

This new strain is called B.1.525, while the British one is B.1.1.7. According to the researchers, it contains a mutation in the spike protein of the virus. This allows it to join and enter human cells more easily.

The scientists’ concern « is that, due to this mutation, known as E484K, current vaccines may be less effective. »

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States (CDC), the variants from the United Kingdom, South Africa and Brazil appear to be more contagious than the original strain. However, this has not yet been determined with the new appearance.

« There is currently no evidence that this set of mutations causes more serious disease or increased transmissibility, » Yvonne Doyle of Public Health England said in a cited statement. by ..

The country of origin of the newly discovered strain is also unknown.

Countries with cases of the new variant of the coronavirus

So far, the countries with the most cases of variant B.1.525 are Denmark (59), the United Kingdom (53) and Nigeria (31).

They are followed by the United States (16), France (6), Canada (5), Ghana (5), Australia (3), the Netherlands (2) and Jordan (2). One case has nations like Singapore, Finland, Italy, Belgium and Spain.

East is the portal from the University of Edinburgh with all research regarding variant B.1.525.