Reboots are in vogue in Hollywood and particularly at Disney, which has considerably expanded its catalog with the acquisition of Fox. For some projects like the Planet of the Apes, we already know that it would rather be a continuation of the adventures of Caesar. However, things are not necessarily so clear in everyone. This is particularly the case for Pirates of the Caribbean. Explanations.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Johnny Depp could transition

It’s We Got This Covered that returns to the subject. For those who are not familiar with this universe, there are currently five different films, released between 2003 and 2017. Then, in December 2018, a trilogy is announced by Disney, without Johnny Depp. In February 2019, Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, responsible for rewriting the saga, abandoned the project and it was thought that everything had been put on hold, even in the closet.

But, the project has not been completely abandoned by Disney and three films are even in the pipeline. The idea seems to be that of a light reboot, which would be centered at least partially on the character of Davy Jones, present in several of the original opus and captain of the Flying Dutchman. Disney hopes to convince Bill Nighy to resume his role, at least in terms of voice.

It remains to be seen what would happen to Johnny Depp / Jack Sparrow. If he were initially to disappear, the actor could ultimately be there, even if he did not take the lead role. She is a woman who is expected to become the main character of this new trilogy, but nothing is yet 100% guaranteed.

This information confirms in any case that Disney would not completely drop the Pirates of the Caribbean saga. When you know its extreme profitability, you understand why … We are talking about several billion at the box office. The latest film is said to have grossed $ 800 million and is considered a failure.