In Malaga again jump all alarms upon detection of a new outbreak of coronavirus. It is the case that it already has one of the most positive places, the hundred people in the reception center that is being controlled by the authorities. The Ministry of Health and Families has warned this Sunday that the Axarquía of Malaga registers a new outbreak of Covid-19, so that there are already 10 hot spots where coronavirus infections have been detected in the community compared to 9 of this Saturday.

Malaga brings to ten the active outbreaks of coronavirus in Andalusia

The system of tracking that the Andalusian Government has implemented is pending each new case that is appearing in this autonomous community. The positives are tracked to avoid spreading, all people who have been in contact with those affected should be under surveillance and subjected to tests.

The new outbreak in Malaga adds 6 positives for the momentpending the necessary tests being carried out on those who maintained contact with these people, who are recommended to isolate themselves. It is not ruled out that more positives are detected in measures that proceed to the phase of control and stabilization of the outbreak. The rest of the assets in the community are added to this new outbreak.

The most hopeful of these data is that despite the positives no death has been recorded. The cases are mild and are controlled by the health personnel who are pending at all times of these people. 19 infections have been detected in the last hours, most have been located in Malaga and Granada, 8 cases in each province, others correspond to Cádiz, with 1 positive, and Jaén with 2 affected. Seville registers zero cases, zero, hospitalized, zero ICU admissions, zero deceased, zero cured. The same occurs in Huelva, Córdoba and Almería.