A new clue emerges about Apple’s future electric vehicle

An Apple system has arrived at the United States Patent Office that will be essential in your electric vehicle, still in design.

The United States Patent Office received an application from Apple revealing a clue about the company’s electric vehicle, still in design.

It is a system used to monitor whether there has been damage to the windshield. It came to the office in August, it was published on November 19 and CNET made the discovery recently.

According to this Apple system, a conductive film between two layers of glass would warn the driver if the windshield was fractured. It would even notify the electric vehicle’s computer to book an appointment with the mechanic to fix it.

It would only require a confirmation from the user to request the appointment.

Engineers Martin Melcher, Christopher Jones, and James Wilson were the inventors of the system.

Apple and an electric car, a goal that has not yet been met

The idea of ​​building an electric car by Apple has been around since before Steve Jobs’ death. Already in 2015 Mickey Drexler, a member of the company’s board, had revealed it to Business Insider.

“Steve Jobs was going to design an iCar. I think cars have an extraordinary opportunity for fresh design, ”said Drexler.

In 2016, it counts Daily Mail, an Apple car prototype was released. It had a large dashboard screen, as well as connectivity to company devices.

The English newspaper points out that there is the Titan Project, in which more than a thousand engineers work in the construction of an electric vehicle. The project headquarters would be Sunnydale, California.

Apple does not confirm or deny the information.

These employees who work on Titan would come from Tesla and NASA. It is expected that between 2023 and 2025 the electric car will be launched.

We present you the patent of the Apple windshield, in this link from the United States Patent Office.