a murder and a new macho aggression

Burned area where the body of a woman of Russian nationality allegedly murdered by her partner was found. (Photo: .)

The disastrous start of August as far as gender violence is concerned. In two days, the brutal murder of a woman in Nerja at the hands of her partner has been recorded and, this Tuesday, a man beat up his wife in public in a restaurant in Ibiza.

From his Twitter account, Pedro Sánchez has criticized the cases of violence and has asked “the involvement of the whole of society to stop sexist violence.” According to data from the Government Delegation against Gender Violence, 30 women have died at the hands of their partners and ex-partners so far this year.

Killed and burned

The agents came to the warning of a fire to suffocate it in the district of Maro, in Nerja (Malaga). What they did not expect was to find the lifeless body of a woman there. After identifying her, they revealed that she was a woman of Russian origin.

His partner, a 53-year-old neighbor from Rincón de la Victoria (Málaga), transported the body in his vehicle, covered with a black shirt, to the district of Maro where he set a fire to dispose of the body.

When the agents arrested the aggressor, the man acknowledged the authorship of the crime and that the deceased was his romantic partner.

Beaten in public

In the last hours, a new attack has been registered in Ibiza, in the town of Santa Eulalia.

The attack occurred during the afternoon of Tuesday in a restaurant where the attacker punched and kicked the woman and threw the terrace furniture. The agents who went to the place observed that the detainee was reprimanding several people and that he presented symptoms of being under the influence of some substance. He even tried to punch the officers several times at the time of their arrest.

Finally, the man was arrested for an alleged crime of mistreatment and for the crimes of disobedience and resistance.

New arrest

In addition, in the capital, the Municipal Police this morning arrested a man who tried to strangle his partner inside his home on July 26.

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The victim managed to flee from her attacker and alert the police. When the police arrived, the woman was crying on the landing and her husband was lying on the bed.

The 016 serves all victims of sexist violence 24 hours a day and in 51 different languages ​​without leaving a trace on the bill. Minors can also go to the ANAR Foundation telephone number 900 20 20 10, and citizens who witness an attack should call 112.

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