Beyond what the big hardware companies get to launch within the video game market, there are so-called modders, people dedicated with great art to personalize consoles with different themes to make them unique, and another aspect, which is to reuse old peripherals with a new purpose. In this second modality there are prominent figures such as that of Imokruok, who already became known for having converted a NES that was no longer working in a custom dock for the hybrid console. The next technological step was clear what it was going to be: converting a SNES into its American model of two shades of violet that was damaged in another base to place the console of the Joy-Con, and also in a most original way. Once its old components have been emptied and replaced by those corresponding to the famous dock, the modding artist has taken advantage of the old slot where the cartridges were inserted to place the console, and a pair of stripes on the sides to fix the Joy-Con by separated horizontally, as you can see in the image below:

In total, about forty hours has taken the modder to complete this reconversion, resulting in a dock that surely awakens the nostalgia of those who fully lived in the 16-bit era.

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