Zelf has just landed in Spain. It is a new bank that is defined as « an instant money messenger ». Unlike other digital banks such as Revolut or N26, you don’t want any kind of app here, but everything is managed from our messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Telegram or Facebook Messenger.

This new service comes from Treezor, a subsidiary of the French bank Société Générale, which will be the main service provider so that this neobank can work within the European community.

A digital bank that is managed via WhatsApp

Zelf boasts of allowing your card to be obtained in a matter of 30 seconds through messaging apps. Specifically, we can carry out the registration process from WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber or Facebook Messenger, with promised support for WeChat, Line and Discord later.

Just write to Zelf so we can register a new account. The rest of the operations can also be managed from the messaging apps

Sending a message to Zelf with a greeting (ok with an emoji), the chat will ask us for the full name and phone number, data necessary to activate and verify our account. After registering with Zelf can we get a physical card which is also compatible with Google Pay and Apple Pay. That is to say, we can make mobile payments with the digital card that we introduce in the mobile.

Similarly, the method of receiving and sending money is curious, since everything is done via chat. For example, if we want to receive money from a friend, we can send a voice or text message saying « ask X contact for 10 euros ». Zelf will generate a link for us to send to our contact, with which you can pay us. We can also generate recurring invoices or generate QR codes.

It stands out so that the Zelf account is associated with the mobile number and not to an application, so the process of making money transfers between different platforms is different from what we are used to.

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Zelf: a mobile neobank that allows you to manage all operations with WhatsApp