a mini electric pick-up for less than 3,000 euros

Mini Electric Pick-up Lesheng M1Lesheng M1

We live in a time when the arrival of electric mobility coincides with the increase in courier transport. Therefore, the vehicle that we bring you below seems a very good idea for depending on which cities. It’s about him electric quadricycle with cargo space named Lesheng M1.

This curious vehicle is also called a mini truck, van or directly mini pick-up. Although the Tesla Cybertruck or Rivian R1T will surely have nothing to worry about when this little vehicle hits the market.

The measurements of the mini pick-up

The Lesheng M1 is only 3.06 meters long. That is, less even than an urban segment A like the Kia Picanto, which takes just over half a meter. So the chances of finding parking while the packages are being delivered are much higher than with most conventional vehicles.

Loading compartment with cover

Loading compartment with cover

To this must be added that, as it is a vehicle for one person, the width it has is negligible, so if you have to leave it in double line, it will be very rare that it ends up in the way of someone who wants to pass by it. Even if the street in question is single lane.

The most basic version of this electric vehicle is powered by a 2.2 kW motor (3 CV). Although if you need to go with a little more ease there is also a 3 kW motor (4 CV). Despite these limited figures on paper, the manufacturer maintains that it can with a 1,500 kg payload.

This it is still surprising, even knowing that it is designed to drive at low speed with only 45 km / h. That is, the maximum speed requirement necessary to be able to use it with the AM moped permit. In the event that it arrived in Spain, it would be necessary to see if it meets other requirements of this type of permit. Although everything seems to point to what if, in the same way that cars without a license do.

Lesheng M1 electric pick-up cargo space

Lesheng M1 electric pick-up cargo space

To resemble these, this little electric van can carry an extended cabin to carry four seats. So it could also be used as a carsharing or private vehicle to move around the city. As long as you are not in a hurry.

Leaving aside the benefits of this pick-up in terms of mobility, it seems that Lesheng does not forget the safety section. The brand claims that it is designed so that it does not tip over easily. Something that does not hurt, since it can carry a lot of load and the balance can be important, even if it does not reach a lot of speed.

Where this vehicle seems to stand out the most is in price, as the modest M1 is on sale for just $ 3,100. Namely, 2,564 euros at the current exchange rate. Surely it is an invoice that many courier companies could raise once they know the details about their autonomy and the warranty conditions.

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Source – Alibaba.com