A sticker for ‘rookie’ by LeBron James, big star of the Los Angeles Lakers And one of the NBA’s best (if not the best) players could set a new record at auction if the predictions that its value could reach $ 1 million are ultimately confirmed.


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According to TMZ, so only 23 stickers were manufactured ‘LBJ 2003-04 Upper Deck Exquisite’So the set Goldin Auctions makes available is expected to be as valuable as advertised.

The website called James Chrome No. 14 in the collection up for auction. « the holy grail of trading cards modern commercials « and is considered to be a » unique gem « .

The auction, which will start next Monday, could break the record set by Goldin when he sold a unique sticker from outfielder Mike Trout, star of the Los Angeles Angels, an American League professional baseball team located in Anaheim.

« The basketball trading card market is on fire and we hope it will beat Mike Trout’s record of $ 922,500 to become the most valuable basketball badge as well as the most valuable modern of all time, « Goldin told TMZ.

James is in favor of ending the NBA season | .

The chrome is signed by James himself in blue ink and contains a photo of him wearing the jersey of his rookie season with the Cleveland Cavaliers, a franchise he played with until 2010 before leaving for the Miami Heat to return four years later.

Originally this chrome was sold in a four pack for just $ 125… but almost two decades have passed since then and its value has multiplied exponentially.

Regarding the return to competition in the NBA, James has said he wants to get back to action in Orlando, a plan that seemed ready to move forward before some players opposed the idea, citing racial tensions plaguing the nation in a scourge that seems endless.

The movement contrary to the return to the NBA competition considers that the same would be a distraction in the fight against racism and the social changes that have begun in the country after the death on May 25 of the African American George Floyd at the hands of a white police officer.