a mid-range that aspires to the highest

06/27/2021 at 2:14 PM CEST

Sometimes the stars align and companies committed to bringing the best quality and features to the mid-range emerge, which makes these terminals into real heavyweights for people who do not want to spend excessive money on a smartphone. Today we are talking about one of them, the OnePlus Nord CE, a terminal to take into account and that we can find in a price range that has little to do with the potential it keeps inside.

We can acquire the OnePlus Nord CE at a price that ranges between 299 and 399 euros in black (charcoal ink), blue (blue void) and silver (silver ray). All three colors are available through the official OnePlus page.


Screen: 6.43 inches Fluid AMOLED, FullHD + resolution, 90Hz refresh rate Dimensions: 159.2 × 73.5 × 7.9 millimeters Weight: 170 grams Processor: Snapdragon 750 5G Kyro 570 CPU and Adreno 619 GPU RAM: To choose between 6GB, 8GB and 12GB. The 6GB version is only available in black. Cameras: Rear: 64 MP main rear camera with f / 1.79 aperture. 119 degree wide angle. Monochromatic 2MP and aperture f / 2.4.Front: 16 MPBatteries: 4500mAh with fast chargeSoftware: Android 11 with the brand’s own customization layer called Oxygen OS 11.


I come from a fairly large phone, so the time in which I have been testing this terminal I have taken a a great surprise by holding it in your hands. The moment I took it out of the box and saw how light it was, I was surprised and I already knew that my relationship with the terminal was going to be quite positive.

We analyze OnePlus Nord CE


We analyze OnePlus Nord CE


The colors it comes in offer a gradient as the light hits them. I’m not sure if the black version complies with this, but the version blue void emits a very nice and colorful gradient, making it really attractive to look at. Even so, it is something that we already know that is not enjoyed very much, because The first thing to do with a mobile phone is to put a cover on it.

At the rear, apart from the colorful styling, it also features the three rear cameras. In theory it includes a system to prevent fingerprints from being very marked on the terminal. I have a lot of fat on my hands, so I am not a good example to prove it, but in my case the prints – although quite attenuated – have been marked as in any phone. If it is true that with the material it uses, they are not as exaggerated as in other terminals.

Otherwise the phone includes 3.5 mm audio jack, something I love and have always been saddened that it has been lost on current phones. Therefore, it is a gesture of clapping. On the sides we find the volume button on the left side and the screen lock on the right. The front camera is notched and is in the upper left corner of the screen. The loudspeakers are on the bottom and the sensors are distributed between the top and bottom of the terminal.

We analyze the new OnePlus Nord 9 CE

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The panel that this OnePlus Nord CE mounts is not curved, nor does it need to. The screen offers incredible quality and gives a feeling of infinity thanks to its FullHD + and HDR10 resolution, which allows the colors to be stronger and with a more vivid feeling. Obviously, we can calibrate the colors as we want to be able to enjoy the experience as we like.

In any case, the screen responds perfectly and has a incredible fluidity thanks to its 90Hz. It is possibly one of the strongest points of the phone, as it is really interesting to see things through it.

Its 2400×1080 allow a sufficient resolution to enjoy multimedia content, something that together with its 90Hz will delight all gamers. After all, the Adreno 619 graphics chipset has been expressly programmed for enable great performance in video games. For this reason, this phone is postulated as an option to be taken into account by any of the users who seek to play video games.

Your SnapDragon 750 5G, apart from enable connectivity to high-speed networks it also promises that no game or app will get stuck. In addition, it consumes very little battery, so this is a really interesting terminal for those who make intensive use of the phone to play.

In short, we are facing a terminal that meets the requirements of the most gamers. But also, remember that its reasonable price (from € 299) makes it affordable and that we do not need a high-end phone to enjoy the best multimedia content.

We analyze the new OnePlus Nord 9 CE

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I must confess that I am not an expert in photography. On the contrary, it is something that I am quite bad at. I am that person who does not realize that he is putting his whole finger on the lens and on vacation with his partner has destroyed all the photographs thanks to this little detail.

In short, even if I am not the most reliable person to talk about these issues, the camera meets perfectly. Perhaps it is the most mid-range aspect of the whole set, but it works well for what is usually done with a mobile phone camera: selfies, photographs of intense sunsets to upload them to Instagram and little else.


The SnapDragon 750 is one of the most balanced processors when it comes to power consumption. This makes the OnePlus Nord CE becomes a phone with a very long battery life. If we do an intelligent management of it, it can last us more than a day. Something that is not usually common in today’s mobile phones. Perhaps it is one of the most interesting points of the terminal and one that has convinced me the most when making the review.

In addition, it includes Waarp Charge 30T. This guarantees us that We will never run out of battery as its charge goes from 10 to 50% in an incredible 16 minutes.

OnePlus Nord CE 5G

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The sound of the terminal sounds good but is within its range. It only has a few speakers, which makes the sound somewhat flat. Even so, meets expectations and allows you to enjoy the terminal without any problems.

The fact that it includes a 3.5mm jack port makes it an added very interesting if we use studio headphones allowing to improve the sound quality incredibly.


OnePlus Nord CE is a phone that absolutely meets everything you would expect from it. It has great energy efficiency, a good camera and a battery to stop a train. Also, its screen is amazing. If you are thinking of getting a mid-range terminal with high-end specs, this is your phone.

We can acquire the OnePlus Nord CE at a price that ranges between 299 and 399 euros in black (charcoal ink), blue (blue void) and silver (silver ray). All three colors are available through the official OnePlus page.

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