A Mexican will spend nine years in prison for hiding illegal immigrants in his home

An undocumented Mexican was sentenced this Thursday to spend nine years in a federal prison in USA for hiding in his residence in Texas immigrants who had entered the country illegally, reported the Department of Justice (DOJ).

Juan García-García, 37 years old, pleaded guilty on September 3, 2019, to harboring immigrants on property in Edinburg, Texas, for which today District Judge Micaela Álvarez ordered him to serve a 108-month prison sentence.

The events for which the Hispanic immigrant was investigated occurred on June 10, 2019 when federal authorities investigated an alleged hideout in Edinburg, a town north of McAllen, Texas.

In that place the police found García-García, who admitted to being the owner of the residence.

An inspection of the property led to the discovery of 37 illegal immigrants.

Authorities also found three firearms and three ledgers with more than 100 names.

García-García admitted to harboring 14 to 21 illegal immigrants per week since February 2019.

For every undocumented person he housed, he was paid $ 50. The immigrant was responsible for providing food and water to the newcomers.

Upon sentencing, Judge Álvarez expressed concern that García-García is in the United States undocumented and chose to violate the law and engage in criminal conduct, the statement details.

The judge added that there was no excuse for García-García’s actions and that she needed to set a better example for her son, born in the United States.

The DOJ explained that Garcia-Garcia is expected to be deported after serving his sentence.

García-García has been in detention since 2019.

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