a messaging app uploads all your messages and photos to the Internet

Messaging apps shouldn’t upload your private messages to the Internet, but this app does, so be careful if you use it.

When we think of the Internet, apart from memes and entertainment, we can also think about the dangers that this has within all its web pages.

We are not only talking about hackers, but also malware, malicious people, scammers and other users who are only looking for a way to take advantage of the carelessness of others to see if they can profit from it.

Be careful with this app

It is thanks to this that we have seen very ugly things that they have made us doubt about the way we share sensitive information online and we always look for a way to send it without repercussions.

The downside is that there is an app that upload everything you send to the web, leaving your personal information very adrift in a way that does not give security to anyone. Well, anyone could see what you send, from messages to photos and videos.

The app in question it’s called Go SMS Pro and the way it works is totally terrible, so no one is advised to use it.

How does this work? Really very simple, well The first thing it does when you send a photo, video or message is to upload this to their servers via the Internet and generate a public URL of that content, which sends the person you tried to contact, a person who also has Go SMS Pro installed.

Once this is complete, the person receiving the message can see it in full, but the message has been uploaded forever on the Internet, so anyone who does a little research, you could get the links to these files via the URL and view, download, share and do whatever you want with them.

This leaves unprotected all the messages that sent intimate photos, photos of credit or debit cards or access codes and emails. Seriously, don’t use it and if you see someone using it, let them know this.