a ‘mesh’ router with WiFi 6 and integrated Alexa

We are starting the year and the traditional CES is already being held in Las Vegas, which in its 2021 edition is leaving quite interesting products in different areas of the technology market. As in connectivity, a market in which TP-Link has a lot to say with its line of routers and decorative mesh systems, your TP-Link Deco, and here comes one of his latest releases.

He Deco Voice X20 by TP-Link It also fulfills a double function in our home as it not only acts as a WiFi router or repeater to reach each point of our home, but also becomes an assistant with integrated Alexa. High speed, low latency and artificial intelligence functions.

WiFi 6, Alexa and compatible with the TP-Link Deco ecosystem

With the new Deco Voice X20, TP-Link offers a device compatible with WiFi 6 networks, which means that it can combine a 5GHz signal (1,201Mbps) with a 2.4GHz signal (574Mbps) so that we circulate data at almost 1.8Gbps between your various devices. In addition to wireless connections, the TP-Link Deco Voice X20 comes with two Gigabit ports for direct wired connections to the router itself.

Remember that we are facing a model of the Deco line, which means that we can use it alone as the main router or use it to build a mesh network in our home. For this, TP-Link uses its own « Mesh » technology so that the change between some devices and others as we move through the entire coverage area is invisible. The Deco X20 is compatible with other devices in the Deco line so we can combine them at will.

With Alexa, the Deco Voice X20 can also be used as a home assistant

In addition to everything related to connectivity, the Deco X20 comes with Alexa integrated so it also becomes a voice assistant compatible with almost all music streaming services and capable of controlling a connected home compatible with Amazon’s assistant. . To interact with the device by voice, the Deco X20 incorporates a long-range microphone that can listen to us and interpret our instructions up to 10 meters away, and has a 360º acoustic system with bass boost.

As with other models of the Deco family, we can configure the Deco X20 quickly and easily using the brand’s application in order to make the integration of the Deco X20 in our home more enjoyable. The device offers a coverage of up to 370 square meters With a two-unit kit, it arrives in white with a red decorative base and will be on sale soon.

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New TP-Link Deco Voice X20: a ‘mesh’ router with WiFi 6 and integrated Alexa