A matter of tactics and strategies

Love, tactics and strategies. That was the name of the training that finally helped me choose the right partner. In addition to falling in love, you need to develop skills and abilities for love to work for you. The same happens with the extraordinary moment that we are living with the pandemic.

Adapting means preparing, training, accommodating, adjusting and getting used to a situation that is not usual. We have to adapt to each situation. All that is adjusting, but beware, adapting can mean staying passive in a situation. And that is not going to make things happen.

Reinventing oneself means devising, thinking, transforming, inventing, innovating, renewing. All of this is more active than just adapting.

A crisis is a time of danger, but also of opportunity. It is time to put skills that we had asleep to work.

Covid-19 has taken our hugs away. Who has stolen my hugs ?, says Dr. Vicente Vargas. We didn’t know how important they were. People value things when they lose them. Now we know what the true value of closeness is.

These viruses are here to stay. We will no longer live the same way as before, but in the meantime, we can adapt. The situation has taken us out of our comfortable zone, we have taken technology to be able to live together, and reinvent ourselves. For example, I defended my doctoral thesis thanks to Zoom: me in Miami and the others in Andalusia, Spain. Now we work from home. That is another way of adapting.

Grow, learn, wait and help. People must learn that helping is growing, as well as avoiding emptiness and boredom. Those who help are not bored, they know how to give and receive. That is emotional balance and having the ability to relate to others. If you give, do not paralyze the other in their ability to give.