Thousands of Parisians have participated this Sunday in a party with a dozen DJs on the banks of the Saint Martin canal without respecting social distance or using protective measures, which fears a regrowth of the coronavirus.

The concentrations of more than ten people are legally prohibited to avoid contagions, but the Paris City Council has authorized this musical event, the 39th edition of the Music Festival. In many photographs of the event you can see how the masks are conspicuous by their absence and the social distance has not been met, except in some cases.

The official figures for this Sunday reveal 284 new infections and 7 deaths from coronavirus in the last 24 hours, counted to add 160,377 positives and 29,640 deaths in total. In addition there are 9,823 people hospitalized, 14 fewer than on Saturday; 48 new admissions, 42 fewer than the previous day, and 715 patients in intensive care, the same as in the last bulletin. The highs now total 74,372 after 60 of the last 24 hours.

About half a million dead

The new coronavirus pandemic has caused at least 465,300 dead since China reported the appearance of the disease in December, according to a balance established by . this Sunday.

Since the beginning of the epidemic 8,890,310 people in 196 countries or territories contracted the disease. Of these, at least 4,139,100 were recovered, according to the authorities. The number of positive diagnosed cases only reflects a part of infections due to the disparate policies of different countries to diagnose.

The countries that registered the most deaths are Brazil with 1,022 deaths, Mexico (387) and the United States (386). The number of deaths in the United States, which registered its first death linked to the virus in early February, amounts to 119,846 and registered 2,268,093 infections. The authorities consider that 617,460 people were healed.

After the United States, the most affected countries are Brazil with 49,976 deaths and 1,067,579 cases, the United Kingdom with 42,632 deaths (304,331 cases), Italy with 34,634 deaths (238,499 cases), and France with 29,633 deaths (196,594 cases).

Among the countries hardest hit, Belgium regrets the highest mortality rate, with 84 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants, followed by the United Kingdom (63), Spain (61), Italy (57), and Sweden (50).

Mainland China (excluding Hong Kong and Macao) has a total of 83,378 infected people, of whom 4,634 died and 78,413 were completely healed.

Europe has 192,715 deaths (2,522,042 infections), the United States and Canada 128,317 (2,369,379), Latin America and the Caribbean 93,847 (2,024,864), Asia 28,794 (1,019,927), the Middle East 13,515 (641,421), Africa 7,981 (303,804), and Oceania 131 (8,874).