A Marvel hero fulfills Loki’s great dream for Mobius

Simu Liu, protagonist of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, shared a post in which he is shown making Loki’s Mobius dream come true. This note contains SPOILERS.

The fourth chapter of the series of Loki and there were many mixed feelings in the audience. The fragment was marked by shocking scenes, which make everyone wonder what the fate of the show will be. In addition, the development of the characters was deepened, so that the viewers generated new links. Now the only reason that many have to see what happens is not the god of deception, but others.

One of the said exciting events of the fourth installment was the apparent death of the agent Mobius, after the judge Ravonna renslayer demanded his life. While the analyst of the AVT was helping the protagonist in his mission, they were arrested when they found out that the organization was lying to them.

In accordance with Sylvie (Sophia di martino) all company officials are temporary variants and are misled into believing they are creations. When the togada asks the character of Owen wilson that where he would like to be, he does not answer him, but when he discovers reality, he answers. “That is what I would like to go for a ride on my jet ski,” were his last words.

The great dream of the employee was to be able to learn to ride a jet ski, which he most likely did in his life before being arrested by the TVA. However, a Marvel hero honored him and made his dream come true.

It’s about the actor Simu liu, which will give life to Shang-chi in your movie. The actor posted a photo on Twitter sailing with a jet ski The publication was accompanied by a rather symbolic caption. “I just lived the dream life of Mobius,” he stated. This is the image.

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