Acropolis Aviation has raised the bar for VIP flights to new levels with this tailor-made cabin. The value of this aircraft far exceeds any mansion in the world. The conventional capacity of this Airbus is more than 180 passengers, a more than spacious interior that the British company has reinvented with 17 luxurious suites equipped with all kinds of details to make your passengers’ stay a dream.

The aircraft may perform direct flights of up to 9,600 kilometers, more or less a distance equivalent to about twelve hours, on routes such as New York to Tokyo or London to Seattle. Despite having carried out this design for a couple of years, it was not until this year that the corporate division of Airbus Corporate Jets delivered the first ACJ320 neo, which is one of the largest and most luxurious commercial aircraft on the market, sorry for those manufactured by Gulfstream or Bomardier.

A spacious living room that turns into a bedroom once night falls – © Acropolis Aviation

Of those two years, thirteen months is what has taken AMAC Aerospace, based in Basel (Switzerland), in shaping the different spaces, interiors that have been supervised by the designer Yves Pickardt by Alberto Pinto, the prestigious Paris-based luxury interior architecture, design and decor agency. The cabin in general, with abundant high-gloss wood, was designed in the style of a luxury chalet in the Alps.

Up to 17 suites this Airbus offersUp to 17 suites this Airbus offers – © Acropolis Aviation

And now, come and see! This incredible cabin is not like the rest of the Airbus, no. Here it stands out your master suite with a luxurious bathroom with a rectangular shower, the largest bathroom installed on an Airbus single-aisle aircraft. So does your fully equipped kitchen, in which its induction oven stands out that allows the preparation of quality fresh food, without smoke or odors. Your entertainment room, with a Stage system –Which allows you to watch hundreds of movies and programs on 19 individual iPads and four TV screens–, and its main room. Passengers also have Ultra-fast wireless Wi-Fi via the Ka-Band connection.

Each suite has all the luxury of details and pure comfortEach suite has every detail and pure comfort – © AMAC AerospaceInside you will also find dispatch areas like thisInside you will also find dispatch areas like this – © AMAC Aerospace

To the 101 million euros that this luxurious aircraft has cost, we must add the expense of decoration, a figure not disclosed by the company but that, with the exquisite taste with which it is designed, it is not surprising that it is high.

Until last February 29, the company had received 58 orders, of which, due to the current global health crisis, 15 have been canceled.

The plane is capable of flying 12 hours without stopping to refuelThe plane is capable of flying 12 hours non-stop to refuel – © Acropolis Aviation


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