A lot of tobacco and beer, so Alex Rodriguez’s spite for Jennifer Lopez and everyone saw it on Instagram

With tobacco and beer Alex Rodriguez passes his supposed spite after the separation of Jennifer Lopez.

Photo: Nicholas Hunt. / Getty Images

Hints of Alex Rodriguez in order to Jennifer Lopez they do not stop and days ago was no exception. After they said that the former player did not expect the strong rumors of a possible reconciliation between Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez So what he is very angry for Jennifer. Now he shows that, between tobacco and beer, he spent an afternoon perhaps to lessen the possible pain he feels when seeing his relationship with “The Diva of the Bronx” broken. Athlete Followers They say their laugh is “fake” on Instagram.

Accompanied by his friend also a baseball player David Ortiz, “Big Papi” and with a refrigerator from the beer “Presidente” of which he is co-owner, Arod smoked cigars while drinking beer. He himself passed his partner a cigar or pure, as it is known in some countries, and both clapped for the taste of it while laughing.

Several of the followers cataloged the publication in Instagram as “Forced”, as they assure that he has done it “on purpose” so that the world does not believe that he is sad. “He is hurt “,” Greater spite“,” Dominican effort came to lift your spirits “,” These laughter for me are false “,” He is hurt “and” He is dying of sadness “, were some of the remarks that could be read in the comments section from Alex’s account.

However, others defended him and even applauded the fact that he had freed himself from the “dominance” of Jennifer Lopez. “Nobody kills him, he got rid of a wedding”, “Taking off JLO”, “That’s right Alex, forgetting him is the best”, “Best single to be seen dominated. Pa’lante ”,“ This is how you get out of it. Speaking of women and money ”,“ Sad where, beautiful, daddy, happy and free. As it should be ”,“ He will have plenty of women and she missed it as a controlling ”. This is what those who are team Alex said.

Just a couple of days ago too, the ex-athlete would have published another snapshot in which he appeared next to her daughters Natasha and Ella having dinner. Several followers and media assured that this could be another hint of Alex for Jennifer. At the table you could see three empty places with their plates and cutlery. Many assured that the same would be for Jennifer López and her two children, Emme and Max and the “lack they do” at the table that until recently was a beautiful family.

It is not known for sure what it was that separated one of the most mediatic and notorious couples of recent times in the entertainment industry. A strong rumor about an alleged dinner Alex had with the model Madison lecroy in a restaurant of Miami a day before Valentine’s Day seems to have been the trigger. However, other close sources assure that this was simply the straw that broke the camel’s back, since there would have already been other alleged infidelities on the part of the former NY Yankees player.

As for those who defend him, they also say that Alex Rodriguez would have tired of the control of Jennifer Lopez and that this contributed to the relationship break. For now, we will have to wait to see if indeed JLO She is reconciling with Ben and if this separation from Arod, which has been going on for weeks, is final.

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