Inhabitants of the municipality San Juan del Rio, in Querétaro, they are in alert by presence of a loose cougar. And it is that Tuesday morning they have circulated on social networks images of the feline prowling around the area Banthi farms.

The city council reported in a statement that through calls to the 9-1-1 emergency neighbors reported the sighting of the specimen running through the streets, jumping fences and climbing trees

Even a security camera captured the moment when the puma runs down the street and heads to the area of ​​the mountains.

(Photo: Twitter)

In this regard, elements of the Municipal Unit of Civil protection and the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection of Mexico (Profepa) launched an operation to surround the animal and be able to catch it to take it to safety. However, until now the patrol is still in the area to find the specimen.

Therefore, Civil Protection asked the population of Rancho Banthi, Loma Alta, Paseos de Xhosda, Sagrado Corazón, Las Esmeraldas and Las Águilas that, as far as possible stay home to avoid incidents and if you see the feline, report it immediately to the authorities.

As expected, he announced surprised countless citizens who reacted through the social networks:

« There is a loose cougar in San Juan, they heard a PUMA well … nothing surprises me anymore », « Cougar loose in San Juan? Ah, ok, wait, what! « , » Sometimes we don’t understand that we are the ones who invade their habitat. I hope they don’t hurt him ”, were some of the comments.

(Photo: Twitter)

In accordance with Oscar Vargas, medical coordinator responsible for the Pumario of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), the puma concolor or mountain lion is a solitary animal by nature. its behavior It is similar to that of a domestic feline: « In fact, they can’t roar, just purr – you can tell it’s a big cat, » he said in an interview with Verne in 2018.

In state adult this species reaches between 2 and 2.4 meters in length. The ears are rounded. The tail is long and represents about a third of the total length of the animal. The front of the mouth, throat and belly are creamy whitish in color. Only the young have spots.

Also, it is the feline with the largest distribution in the American continent. It can be found from Canada to Chile and in a variety of ecosystems, such as temperate forest, jungle or desert. The important thing for this feline is the presence of deer in the habitat, it is their favorite prey.


In case of sighting of a specimen, we leave you the following recommendations of issued the Nahuel Huipi National Park of Argentina, where the presence of these fascinating felines is very common.

If you see a cougar:

– Cougars usually avoid confrontation. Don’t corner him. Give him an escape route.

-Keep calm and don’t run

-Stand firm and facing the animal, seeking eye contact with it.

-Hold the children so they don’t run

-Never turn your back on the puma and walk slowly, backwards, looking into his eyes.

-Try to appear larger by raising your arms, waving jackets, and staying upright and upright.

-Don’t sit or bend over

-Don’t climb a tree or a rock

-Do not approach the animal, especially if it is feeding or with young

-If you are in a vehicle, do not get out to follow it.

-If the cougar becomes aggressiveDo not turn your back on him or take your eyes off him. I yelled loudly. Defend yourself aggressively, exaggerating your gestures.


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