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The entertainment content platform via streaming Netflix has just released the promotional trailer for the documentary work that narrates aspects of the life of an emblematic figure of the industry of fame in Latin America: Walter Mercado.

The project Much, Much Love: The Legend of Walter Mercado details the life of the famous Puerto Rican born in 1932, who saw his last day on November 2, 2019 at age 87.

The work led by Cristina Costantini and Kareem Tabsch search pay tribute to the popular character who, with the practice of astrology and a bizarre fashion sense, conquered viewers for many decades ago.

“When we started filming this, he was like an icon from our childhood; something that reminded us of our families, but in two years we became very close; Walter became like a great-uncle, a weird, fabulous uncle to usConstantini said of his experience on the project.

Walter Mercado said that since he was little he was called « Walter Milagros », because he had the power to heal animals (Photo: Instagram @ waltermercadotv)

He rose to international fame thanks to his predictions about the future and a particular aesthetic in clothing and scenography, a grandiloquent style, which with loving words won over audiences.

The astrologer left Puerto Rico in the 1980s after venturing into dance and acting; arrived in Miami, where he devastated his charisma among the Latino public thanks to his personality and the advice he gave as a remote spiritual guide.

And although he never publicly revealed his sexual orientation, the documentary will reveal his uncomplicated way of seeing human sexuality within a macho environment and homophobic, which today could be linked to aspects of the queer movement.

At the time, when journalists tried to pressure him to broach the subject, Walter spoke of mystical connections with nature and the gods, refusing to be typecast in a gender label.

The astrologer made an epoch with his television interventions (Photo: Netflix)

He never waved the rainbow flag, nor did he militate in gay prides, but he bravely planted himself using Lots of makeup, salon hairstyle, stunning layered sequins, and glitzy jewelry at a time when people simply did not speak to a television camera about their sexuality.

« Thirty years ago … thirty years! … Walter talked about how the future was not going to be feminine and masculine. That the future would not be binary, « Tabsch told the Cnet portal to promote the work.

Figures of fame such as the playwright and actor appear in the film project Lin-Manuel Miranda, the Mexican journalist Jorge Ramos, the talk show presenter Cristina Saralegui, of Cuban origin; Howard Stern, the Mexican comedian Eugenio Derbez -who was inspired by him to make his parodic character Julio Esteban- and Raúl « El gordo » De Molina, characters who helped make way for the world of fame and that led him to define Hispanic television in the United States for decades.

Walter Mercado played with gender identity, even without knowing it (Photo: Instagram @ waltermercadotv)

Much, much love shows Mercado’s life from his childhood in Ponce, Puerto Rico, his career as a dancer and actor, to his foray into astrology. Officially released on January 24 at the Sundance festival in Park City, Uttah, in the United States, the documentary production ended the day before Walter’s death, so the psychic couldn’t see the final result.

Walter Mercado during an interview with Efe in Miami, Florida, USA (Photo: . / Giorgio Viera) (Giorgio Viera /)

“Believe or not believe in horoscopes and astrology, it touches your heart with its message of love and peace. And he also had a rogue sense of humor like no other, « Kareem Tabsch told Efe on the red carpet.

« I think Walter was light years away from his time, » said Constantini on that occasion.

Remembered mainly for his interventions in the Walter segment and the stars of the show Primer Impacto, of the Latin chain Univisión, Walter popularized the phrase that defined him:

God bless you all; today, tomorrow and always. And may they always receive peace from me, much peace. But above all … much, much love

For more than 30 years, Mercado ended his segment with the loving phrase, circling his chest as a sign of good vibes and wishing love to viewers, a message that reached directly to the 120 million viewers who expected their predictions and good wishes every day. Because of course, regardless of the zodiac sign, Walter Mercado’s predictions were always positive.

First impact’ it was a barometer for me, to feel the love, the devotion, the affection, the enormous admiration that the public felt for me« He stated at the time.

Walter Mercado’s last public appearance was in August 2019, at the exhibition of his outfits at the Miami History Museum (Photo: .)

However, the work not only sheds light on the positive aspects and the triumph of the Market, but He also addresses the scam he suffered from one of his representatives, which almost left him bankrupt.

Despite being widely recognized, many aspects of Walter’s life remained a mystery, such as the fortune that he accumulated and how he lost it, why he abruptly stopped doing public acts, the unknown regarding that he did not want to be seen growing old, his personal and family life, whether or not he would have offspring, details that the forthcoming documentary will premiere on July 8.

Friends, family and collaborators said goodbye to the astrologer (Photo: AP / Carlos Giusti) (Carlos Giusti /)

The last public appearance

In August 2019, with a very deteriorated state of health, Mercado traveled to Miami to attend the inauguration of Much, much love: 50 years of Walter Mercado, an exhibition organized by the Miami History Museum.

The exhibition was visited by a large number of admirers of the psychic and various objects and memorabilia were exhibited in it (Photo: .)

The directors of the documentary were there to capture the atmosphere of what represented his last public appearance, surrounded by followers eager to take a selfie by his side and journalists lining up to interview him.

On that occasion, Jorge Ramos insisted on removing his age ‘87? Can I say your age? Lo, to which the psychic replied calmly: ‘Between 50 and death.’


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