Even though almost two decades have passed since his last retirement playing in the Washington Wizards, he continues to surprise what Michael Jordan generates among his fans. The Bulls star has made a lot of money both on and off the field and his items have been some of the most expensive when it comes to memorable.

As if all of Jordan’s sporting goods weren’t worth enough, now the ones that are catching on are Jordan’s arctic off-piste. And just as a check he signed to pay a gamble at a Trump casino was recently sold, now the news is that a love letter MJ wrote to actress Amy Hunter has been auctioned off.

Hunter is supposed to be one of the many lovers Jordan had during his career, but this 20-page long document has become highly demanded and whoever bought it paid $ 25,000 for the letter. In it, Jordan declares his love for the actress and apologizes for not being able to fix his mistakes, trying to make her understand that the position that the athlete occupied did not allow him to lead a normal life.

The letter is estimated to have been written between 1988 and 1989, in a period between the birth of MJ’s first child and the player’s marriage to his first wife, Juanita Vanoy. Even though a long time passed and the type of relationship Jordan had with Hunter is unknown, this piece of history is now treasured by a gamer fanatic.