A legendary Spider-Man joins the sequel to A New Universe

A whole generation vibrates with the inclusion of the Spider-Man of the 90 ′ in the production of A New Universe 2.

It was recently reported that Christopher Daniel Barnes, who gave life to Spider-man in the remembered 90’s cartoon, he returns to paper in the second part of A New Universe.

The first installment of this title was critically acclaimed. In fact, in Oscar In 2019, the year of its release, it received the statuette for being the best animated film.

There, the origin of Miles Morales as the new arachnid hero and how the other owners of the suit (even those from other universes), such as Peter parker or Gwen stacy, help him on his mission to save the world.

That being the case, in that edition some versions of Parker were seen, played by big stars. Chris pine and Nicolas Cage gave their voices for the character of the universe of Ultimate Spider-Man and to Not to go, respectively.

Show the different versions of Peter ParkerIn Spider-Man: A New Universe there were several versions of the ‘Good Friend and Neighbor’

A new, but remembered universe

Maybe a new version of the ‘good friend and neighbor’ will be added for Barnes to impersonate. However, for lovers of Spider-Man, the actor is one of his best acquaintances, because during the 65 episodes (5 seasons) of the animated series, it was his voice that they heard.

The program recalls the crossovers with the X Men, who had their own series, as well as with Hombre de Hierro. The production confirmed with these special chapters that there was a universe linked in the productions that reached Spanish and Latin American homes by the hand of Antenna 3, Fox Kids and Jetix.

But this is not all, since the artist also played the role in other productions, such as in Ultimate Spider-Man or in video games such as Shattered Dimensions, Edge of Time, Marvel heroes and Spider-man unlimited.

The crossovers of the remembered '94 series made it iconicThe crossovers of the remembered '94 series made it iconicThe crossovers of the remembered 94 ′ series made it iconic

On the other hand, Josh keaton, who was the masked arachnid in The Spectacular Spider-Man, he craved the opportunity and expressed it on his social networks.

“Let’s cross our fingers,” he responded to the publication of CBR. “But I’m used to Parker’s luck by now,” he joked.

As it is, the news is encouraging, but there is still much to wait to witness all this. Spider-Man: A New Universe 2 is scheduled for release in October 2022. Some details of the plot have already been revealed.