Marcelino Luque, the victim.

Yesterday afternoon, Marcelino Luque, nicknamed « Chiqui » by his family, opened his kiosk in front of his house on Calle 2 in José León Suárez as he did for the past ten years, behind a red shutter. Around 7:00 p.m., at least one man came to his face with the alleged purpose of robbing him. « Chiqui » stood up. They shot him three times. « On the neck, on the arm, on the cheek », says Norma, her niece, in dialogue with Infobae: « He died on the spot. » It all happened in front of a 12-year-old boy who was shopping at the place.

Hearing the commotion, his wife ran from the back of her house. She saw her bloodied husband fall on the floor: she immediately filed a complaint with the Buenos Aires Police. The kiosk died in a local hospital shortly after.

« Here insecurity is like everywhere, » says Norma, « every day you hear about something new, every day they steal in the neighborhood, they became violent. »

The family has not yet received Marcelino’s body, they must wait at least three more days until the autopsy is performed. Because of the pandemic, there will be no burial or wake. Norma, the victim’s niece, assures that today at noon they had no police custody, despite the fear that the thieves would return.

« We don’t want anything to happen to us, we don’t want this case to go unpunished, we don’t want the murder of my uncle to be just one more case »says Norma. They will demonstrate if necessary: ​​“Until now, nothing. The complaint was made last night. There it was. ”

Yesterday afternoon, Fernando Marino, a young delivery man in a van, was shot dead by two assailants in the Lomas de Zamora area. According to the Buenos Aires Public Prosecutor’s Office (MPF), during almost all of June, the last month surveyed, 2033 daily complaints were received for events related to insecurity, with ten homicides completed in their calculations so far in the pandemic not counting the last month.

« Last night they came from the prosecution, the experts came, the policemen. They told us they could get an idea of ​​who they were ”Norma continues.

The investigation is in charge of the UFI N ° 1 of San Martín by Fabricio Iovine. The 12-year-old boy who bought at the place, until now, is the only witness. In his account, for now, there is no attempted robbery. The suspect is sought by security cameras in the area.

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