A judge forces the Zaragoza City Council to remove a banner with the LGTBI flag

Zaragoza City Council workers, removing the banner-flag. (Photo: Javier Cebollada / .)

The Administrative Litigation Court No. 3 of Zaragoza has ordered the Zaragoza City Council to remove the LGTB banner that has been placed today on the balcony of the building, after estimating the very precautionary measure filed by the Christian Lawyers Association against the municipal initiative.

As reported by the Superior Court of Justice of Aragon (TSJA), the magistrate bases his decision on a ruling issued by the Supreme Court of May 2020 that considers the use of unofficial flags outside the buildings incompatible with the constitutional and legal framework and public spaces, even when they do not replace the flag of Spain and the others legally constituted.

The Supreme Court justices argued in their resolution that its use, “even occasionally”, is not compatible either with the “duty of objectivity and neutrality” of the administrations.

On May 25, the head of the aforementioned court in Zaragoza issued a sentence at the request of the same association of lawyers in which he stated that the placement of the LGTB flag in the town hall building was contrary to law.

This ruling referred to the municipal action carried out on June 26 of last year, the day on which the LGTB flag was also placed on the balcony of the Zaragoza City Council, although on this occasion the magistrate has chosen to estimate the precautionary measure ( without first listening to the administration).

According to the cited sources, although the difference is that this year the city council has incorporated the text “Zaragoza is Diversity” on the banner, the judge understands that the fact of adding a text does not make it stop being a “flag” and become a “mere banner …

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