A hydrogen Metrobus in CDMX? The project is already in the first talks – Agence SEO

The Mexican Hydrogen Association (AMH) is in talks with the government of Mexico City to promote a project to use buses that use this input in a Metrobús linesaid Israel Hurtado, president of the group.

« It would be credible to see a lHydrogen Metrobús line, although electric buses were recently presented, it would be a big step now to use hydrogen (…) It would be possible that in the Paseo de la Reforma line that are double-decker are hydrogen trucks. We have already established a dialogue with the CDMX government, ”he commented in a conference this Wednesday.

He stressed that within the same association there are vehicular natural gas companies, which support with their knowledge in the development and adoption of this technology that is already used in other countries such as France, Germany, Spain and the United States.

On adoption of hydrogen As an energy company in the absence of gas, Hurtado stressed that it is possible to take care of energy sovereignty, but it is important that the government take it into account.

“The hydrogen issue is in a gray area. You have to be careful to overregulate something when it is not necessary, but you have to put the issue on the table with the authorities ”, he commented.

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