A hundred people have gathered this Sunday at the Paseo de la Castellana in Madrid to pay tribute to victims of the coronavirus. The meeting has been called by the United Platform who has ensured that the safety distance is maintained at all times.

Around 12 noon, a group of people have come to the Madrid street with the sole purpose of remembering those who died from the Covid-19 and also pay tribute to all those who have been affected in any way. The meeting began with the music of a guitarist who has come from Galicia to accompany the event with songs. The song ‘A tu side’ by Los Secretos has opened the meeting.

Later, several people who had lost a relative during the epidemic have offered their testimonies. First, a young woman who claims that in her family “everyone was infected” and that, finally, her grandfather could not get over it. A woman, mother of four children, who has lost her husband, has also told her story. “I thought we were always going to walk hand in hand together,” she lamented excitedly as she shared the stage with her little ones.

The act did not have a claiming nature but focused mainly on the victims. The organizers have distributed masks with the flag of Spain and a black crepe and have ensured that the safety distances are maintained at all times. They did so by painting crepes on the floor where the attendees have remained throughout the meeting.

After just over an hour, the tribute ended with the Spanish anthem.

United Platform

The event has been organized by the United Platform, made up of a group of young people concerned about the future of our country due to the Covid-19 pandemic, as can be read on its website.

“We want to vindicate the memory of all the people who have left us without the recognition they deserved after a lifetime of sacrifice and effort,” they affirm. Young people assure that this is only the first of many tributes.

His mottos, which are also reflected on his page, are the following:

For all the loved ones that we have lost due to the Covid-19 that have not had a farewell as they deserved and that we have not been able to watch over their death.

For all the heroes who have cared for us during the pandemic and for the workers who have allowed us to supply the country during the most difficult moments of confinement.

For the public health of all, for the threat that our grandparents are suffering, for the destruction of employment and the productive fabric of the country, we will fight together to recover our society.

For families, so that they stay together and maintain the main engine of the country.