A Harry Potter actor got married in secret

Harry Potter always had a very low-key cast. Recently, it became known that one of its actors got married and no one ever found out. Who was?

Although the years go by, there is no doubt that Harry Potter will always be one of the most important franchises that went through cinema. Based on the best-selling books by JK Rowling, the story of the young wizard traveled all over the world and made his cast rise to fame. Even so, they were always actors who preferred to be low-key and keep their lives a secret. So much so, that one of them got married and nobody found out.

Who was? It’s about David Thewlis, the actor played Remus Lupine in four Harry Potter installments. Currently, the interpreter is 58 years old and had already had two relationships that were public: Sara Sugarman (1991-1994) and Anna Friel (2001-2010). The truth is that many fans of the franchise and the actor, thought that David was single. However, he revealed that he got married in secret and it was a huge surprise to everyone.

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A secret wedding

Through a very heartfelt message posted on social media, the actor who played Remus Lupine in Harry Potter decided to introduce his current wife, Hermine. She is a French woman whom he decided to marry in 2016, several years ago! In this text, David Thewlis revealed it was love at first sight and detailed the routine he maintains with her.

On his Instagram account you can also see some images of his 16-year-old daughter Gracie. However, there are very few photographs that he shares of her. Since the actor who was part of Harry Potter prefers to keep his life private and protect these moments just for him. In return, he uses the social network to share images of his dogs or races.

Regarding his acting career, David Thewlis was one of the few Harry Potter actors who managed to be part of large projects. We’ve seen it in movies like Naked, Total Eclipse, The Island of Doctor Moreau, Seven Years in Tibet, War Horse, and Wonder Woman. On television he stood out with a starring role in season 3 of the Fargo series.

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