This Thursday, September 10, Cyril Hanouna got off the hinges and did not hesitate to kick from the Balance Ton Post set a guest who had reproduced the gesture of the quenelle. The sequence elicited many reactions from Internet users.

This is a gesture that he is surely not about to reproduce on TV. A guest of Balance Ton Post has indeed been unceremoniously fired from the show after making a quenelle during the debate.

Yesterday Thursday, September 10, Cyril Hanouna presented on C8 a new issue of Balance Ton Post and one of the subjects mentioned concerned the wearing of the mask. Columnists and speakers were invited to answer the question: “Do you understand anti-masks? “.

Indeed, the wearing of the compulsory mask, imposed in the street and most public places since July 20, 2020, has made the French react a lot. Some do not hesitate to compare this security measure as the start of a dictatorship and explained their position during the talk show of Arthur’s great rival. Only one of them slipped, which got him to be immediately excluded from the debate.

Balance Ton Post: A guest fired from the set after making the quenelle gesturePatrick bellier

A controversial gesture

The anti-mask activist Stéphanie, aroused the indignation of viewers because of her remarks but another guest also shocked on the set, for another reason.

The pulmonologist Patrick Bellier, who shares the same opinion as Stéphanie about wearing a mask, said that “the Coronavirus epidemic is over”, without however really advancing reliable sources. But the specialist also indulged in reproducing a controversial gesture that earned him to be dismissed bluntly from the C8 show.

During the debate, a member of the audience, obviously very upset, indicated that Patrick Bellier had made the gesture of the quenelle during the intervention of Jimmy Mohamed. The pulmonologist did not deny but nevertheless tried to play down his act when the host asked him to confirm:

I’m a little ashamed but he is outrageous all the same …

Neither one nor two, Cyril Hanouna then demanded that he leave the premises immediately:

Monsier Bellier, we don’t do that here, it’s unacceptable! I’m telling you, we explained to you, we listened to your rantings since earlier, there frankly, if it’s to do things like that on the set, you can leave (…) Take your business and leave the tray, thank you.

The quenelle was made popular by controversial comedian Dieudonné. Accused of being anti-Semitic and convicted several times for incitement to racial hatred, his detractors interpreted this gesture as a concealed Nazi salute, because performed backwards.