A group of teachers correct the spelling mistakes of the new Minister of Education of Murcia, a turncoat from Vox

This Saturday the new Minister of Education and Culture took office in Murcia, Maria Isabel Campuzano, a defected Vox deputy whose appointment has created a strong controversy in the Region and was accompanied by protests from the world of teachers and culture.

This Sunday, a group of teachers has ‘attacked’ the teacher by correcting a note that Campuzano herself made public on Saturday, and highlighting the misspelling and expression of politics.

“We are sorry to inform you that you do not approve”, The collective Docentes Unidos wrote on Twitter, while sharing two images of Campuzano’s statement, covered with marks and red pen annotations.

“This text presents some very serious punctuation problems: total ignorance of the use of basic signs such as semicolons. The use of non-recommended expressions and the lack of coherence, as well as the handling of an absolutely colloquial register denote great deficiencies in the knowledge of the Spanish language and his grammar, “say the teachers.

Protest in the street

About 300 people concentrated this Saturday before the Murcian Government headquarters a concentration for public education for the incorporation of Campuzano as Minister of Education.

Convened by the Platform for the Public School of the Region of Murcia, highlighted the support with their presence of Pedro Alberto Cruz, counselor of that portfolio in the Government who presided with an absolute majority of the PP Ramón Luis Valcárcel, the writers Jerónimo Tristante and José Daniel Espejo, the playwrights Joaquín Lisón and Juan Montero Lax and the theatrical producer Nacho Vilar.