A group of hackers blackmail Apple with stolen images of future MacBooks

A group of hackers originating in Russia demanded $ 50 million from Apple in exchange for not spreading stolen information to one of the company’s suppliers about the new MacBook computer models in which he is working, according to published this Thursday the specialized press.

The group of Russian “hackers”, calling themselves REvil, gained access to Quanta’s internal documents, a Taiwanese manufacturer that produces MacBooks and other devices for Apple, and was made with various images and schematics showing serial numbers, sizes, and other information regarding computer components.

This is very valuable information for Apple’s competitors, so hackers are demanding $ 50 million from the firm headed by Tim Cook not to make it public, a type of extortion known as “ransomware.”

To prove that the theft was successful and that they have the material, REvil has already posted some of the images on the so-called dark internet, in which the Apple logo can indeed be seen, and threatened to continue publishing material until the ransom is paid.

As is customary in these cases, the Cupertino (California) company has not confirmed the facts, but the affected provider, Quanta, did admit in a statement that its servers were the target of a cyberattack.

In their blog on the dark internet, the “hackers” assured that at first they turned to Quanta to pay the ransom, but given his refusal, they decided to raise the request to Apple, to which they allowed until May 1 to pay the 50 million dollars.

The extortion against Apple comes the same week that the company held its first major “hardware” event of 2021, in which the main novelties were a complete redesign of the high-end iMac computer, which has lost thickness and comes in seven colors, and the integration of the in-house M1 chip into the iPad Pro.

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