A group of friends leaves an envelope with 15 euros in each bar in town

A solidarity initiative has sprinkled Mungia. It all happened when a group of friends left a envelope with 15 euros in each of the 60 bars in this town. They sought to show their support for the hoteliers, who currently have their establishments closed for the restrictions imposed to try to curb the coronavirus.

The idea started from several gangs that got together in Bataclán, a txoko of the municipality. One of the locals that received this envelope was the owner of Bar Ikusi, which when it opened its doors to start food delivery service, found it under the door. It also included a support bertso to the hoteliers written in Basque, who claims they are “poteadores” and that without this kind of premises “there is no life in the town”, since they are “a part fundamental to subsist “.

Joy for the detail

Speaking to Europa Press, this hotelier explained that the gang that promoted this plan meets every Thursday “to have a laugh and a snack” in Bataclán. For that reason, “someone has taken the initiative to remember us, the bars, and leave us the 15 euros “.

In his opinion, the important thing is the “detail” they have had to remember that union, what will appreciate it “the day that is possible”. The owner of another establishment, Torpedo Gorria, stated in the aforementioned medium that these acts of solidarity “are very good for us and give us a boost of encouragement.”

He also took the opportunity to launch a notice to Basque institutionsSince this type of act “does not eat, nor pay the bills. We would like to say to those who close our bars that there should be a rescue, because it is impossible for us to continue, we cannot continue. “