A group of European lawyers considers the Android ad tracking system illegal

04/07/2021 at 5:39 PM CEST


Privacy is something that worries many people, no wonder, since our data is in the hands of more and more companies. Thus, some companies such as Apple and Facebook have been under great scrutiny for the way they manage privacy. Now, the European group of non-profit lawyers called Noyb has sued Android through the French Data Protection Authority accusing Google of violating the “Cookie Law” of the European Union by your Android Ads Identifier. Google creates an ID (AAID) of our phone automatically and prevents its deletion. Something that violates European laws that require that report this clearly and without ambiguous messages.

This AAID can be reset, but that does not remove past information or stop advertisers from tracking our activity using this new identification. While the complaint has been registered in France, Noyb has explained that almost all phones in the European Union have been affected. The group, led by Max Schrems, is betting that France could force Google to take swift action to fix this issue. Which it’s could result in a substantial penalty against Google.

Max Schrems has shown to have a great reputation for making these things come to fruition. In fact, it has made great strides in keeping the information of residents of the European Union safe.