A group of coronavirus deniers rebukes an Antena 3 reporter: “You are the devil!”

There are more than three or four cases: Deniers of the coronavirus pandemic have ended up creating authentic movements. Encouraged by figures like Miguel Bosé and various political groups, deniers have even tried to take to the streets of the main capitals of the country. One such demonstration took place last weekend, in which a reporter from Antena 3 was rebuked.

A reporter from Antena 3, rebuked by deniers of the covid-19

‘Public mirror’ was the program in charge of showing the images: dozens, if not hundreds of people, gathered in Madrid to demand that the authorities tell « the truth » about the pandemic: « You manipulate everything. Tell the truth about the pandemic, which is a lie! »a protester shouted into the microphone of the Antena 3 journalist. « You know it and you don’t want to take it out! »snapped another assistant.

The situation heated up when various groups of protesters surrounded the reporter, yelled at her, and even came dangerously close to her (obviously, without any mask or protection). « Television, manipulation! »shouted several of them. One of the deniers even went so far as to approach the microphone of the journalist to shout: « Subsidized! ». Others were even more direct: « I don’t want to talk to you, That you are the same devil! « .

Awareness against the pandemic

Various television faces have turned to the raising awareness with the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, which has already claimed more than 55,000 lives in Spain. Antonio Resines came to assure that deniers should be « in jail ». Iker Jiménez defined them as « the great blunder of history ». Blas Cantó, who suffered the consequences of the virus closely by losing his grandmother, was also direct: « Cursed are those who deny it. »