A good Bale does not prevent West Ham from dispatching Tottenham

The season stretch does not look very good for him Tottenham. Mourinho and his players once again demonstrated their inability to turn a scoreboard around and fell fairly before him West Ham (2-1), which is already in the Champions League zone by overtaking Chelsea.

Not out Bale as a starter despite his good role in the Europa League. And what would have changed everything, since the pie of the ‘spurs’ at the beginning was awesome. At five minutes Antonio He had already pierced Lloris ‘goal in a poorly defended poisoned center (5’).

Bad outlook for the ‘spurs’, unable to govern a party in which they are behind. Without ideas, without finding almost Harry Kane and, consequently, without occasions more than a pair of the English forward. And not without work for Lloris, who got a very dangerous head butt from Dawson.

He did not like what he saw in the first half Mourinho and decided to move to rest. Bale Y Doherty They entered to give another air to the team, which again came out with the hell and conceded the second in a good shot from Lingaard that caught them by surprise (47 ‘).

And come, to row again, in a canoe with holes and that constantly entered water. Something happier and faster the Tottenham. Especially thanks to Bale, who in a well thrown corner found the head of Moura to get the Spurs into the game (64 ‘).

The goal spurred the team, which leaned on Bale and began to find the spaces. Faster, more vertical and more dangerous. The Welshman deserved the goal, but the crossbar prevented it. He connected with everyone and especially with Kane, who also touched both twice. But it did not come. It is that neither of carambola. In the discount a punt ran into Son and the ball caught a parabola that surpassed Fabianski, but that went to the post.

The West Ham took the game and the Tottenham paid for his blunders. There was only one winner, Bale, who seen what he saw seems to have reacted to the criticism and could have made Mourinho change his mind.