A goddess! Belinda and her unforgettable red swimsuit

A true goddess! Belinda and her unforgettable red swimsuit | Instagram

The beautiful Belinda always stands out with her beauty where she is, however, there is a special photograph that surely continues and will continue for a long time in the minds of her most faithful, the one in which she looked like a goddess in a small red swimsuit .

It was the same girlfriend of Christian nodal who shared the famous image on his social networks, becoming not only a trend, but also the envy of many women who wish they had his imposing anatomy.

In the photo, Belinda posed “like she didn’t notice” while enjoying the beach. The also actress was walking on the sand when the photo was captured and her hair was moving freely from the wind.

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The pretty two-piece swimsuit exposed her well-defined curves and muscles. Belinda Peregrín Schüll, with a more than well-defined abdomen that became the envy and admiration of many.

The truth is that the beautiful singer has an angelic face and a really fascinating body; in addition to a sympathy and air of tenderness that has captivated his loyal followers.

The beautiful Beli surprised everyone when her relationship with fellow singer Christian Nodal was made public. The situation arose when both were coach of La Vozy, it was revealed on the program’s Instagram account, so it was thought that it could be just advertising.

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From that moment, Belinda and Nodal did not stop showing love for each other in social networks and they were so beautiful and productive that it increased the doubt about whether the relationship was a reality.

The doubts were cleared after the famous show came to an end and months later they will continue to publicly enjoy their love. The famous woman had been romantically related to Lupillo Rivera in the previous edition of La Voz, so they thought it was about publicity, as well as the romance with Nodal.

Rivera behaved like a real gentleman when social networks were filled with negative comments towards Belinda, after being seen with a young man, before Nodal. The singer assured that she was free and could hang out with whoever she wanted, spoke highly of her and asked for respect for the star.

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The relationship with the interpreter of the Mexican regional emerged as something very natural and the details, expressions of love and others are irrepressible; Both have filled social networks with honey and love with their affection and beautiful words.

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Many even thought that the relationship would come to an end since Belinda had a project with Netflix in Spain, but her beloved boyfriend followed her and met her there to support her in this important step in her career.

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