A Giuliani in decline returns to court

WILLIAMSPORT, Pennsylvania, USA (AP) – Representing a client in court for the first time in nearly three decades, Rudy Giuliani demonstrated his lack of practice when he tried to show that President Donald Trump has been stripped of his re-election.

The former federal prosecutor and former New York City mayor, who is at the forefront of Trump’s efforts to reverse the election result, entered court in the small town of Williamsport, Pennsylvania, amid shouts of encouragement from a few supporters. of the president.

For the next several hours, he fiddled with his Twitter account, forgot which judge he was addressing, and launched irrational and unfounded accusations about a national conspiracy by Democrats to steal the election.

No evidence of such a thing has emerged since election day.

Giuliani taunted an opposing attorney, whom he called “the man who is very angry with me, I have forgotten his name.”

He confused the judge with that of a case in another Pennsylvania district that dismissed another complaint from the Trump campaign: “They accused me of not reading their opinion and not understanding it.”

And he got confused with the meaning of the word “opacity.”

“Plaintiffs’ counties were denied the opportunity to have unobstructed observation and ensure opacity,” Giuliani said. “I am not completely sure what opacity means. It means you can see it, right? “

“It means you can’t,” said federal judge Matthew Brann.

“Great words, your honor,” Giuliani said.

On occasion, the Philadelphia attorney who works with Giuliani, Linda Kerns, took care of answering Brann’s questions.

Opposing attorney Mark Aronchik countered Giuliani’s repeated claims that it was illegal for counties to help people vote.

“I don’t think you know the Pennsylvania electoral code,” Aronchik said, implying – without saying – that Giuliani was a poorly prepared outsider.

The Trump campaign wants to prevent Pennsylvania from certifying its election. The lawsuit is based on a complaint that Philadelphia and six Democratic-governed counties in that state allowed corrections to mailed ballots that would otherwise be disqualified for technical reasons, such as missing an envelope or signature.

It is not clear how many ballots would be affected, although some opposing attorneys argue that it is too few to reverse the result. Democrat Joe Biden edged Trump in state by more than 70,000 votes.