A girl meets her ex on Tinder and gives him a response that leaves Twitter shaking

A woman holds a mobile while browsing a social network to meet. (Photo: FilippoBacci via Getty Images)

Love and heartbreak are two of the sensations that most often triumph on social networks, especially on Twitter, where it is so easy to share any type of striking image.

The arrival of the pandemic has caused the fear of contagion by the coronavirus to have changed the way in which people relate to each other in these types of applications.

A user of the social network of the little bird has succeeded like few times when sharing a conversation with her ex on Tinder, the well-known flirting application, after matching with him. That is, when the two people agree that they want to at least start talking.

“Since when do you smile in the photos,” her ex tells her on Tinder. “Since I’m not with you,” she replied with an emoticon.

“I made a match with my ex on Tinder and this is what happened HAHAHA,” the tweeter wrote. A publication that in a few hours has more than 130,000 likes and more than 8,000 shares.

After the repercussion that the publication has had, the author of the message has clarified that she gets along with her ex-partner and that it is simply a joke. “Look, I can’t handle the people who come from pain, xddd my ex and I get along well, that sometimes we get bitten doesn’t mean anything,” he said.


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