A German study reveals how many lives were saved with the first confinement in Spain

Spain was one of the countries that decreed a strict confinement domiciliary during the first wave of the pandemic. Now a study of the Leibniz Institute for Financial Research (SAFE) has revealed that This measure was essential to save many lives.

Specifically, those of about 4,000 people, since contagions were reduced around 16% in the first two months. This SAFE report also concludes that more lives are saved the sooner restrictions are applied.

31,000 fatalities

If the state of alarm has not been established in March, by May 14 the death toll from coronavirus would have stood at 31,000 people, compared to the 27,000 officially notified on that date. However, if the limitations had been applied earlier, the number of deaths would have been notably lower according to this analysis.

“The effectiveness of confinement in Spain was significantly lower that if those measures had been implemented a week before “, assured Alexander Ludwig, economist and one of those responsible for the study.

To justify your claim, exposed the differences between communities: “In regions that were in an earlier stage of the epidemic at the time it entered into force confinement measures had a more effective than in regions where the epidemic was at a more advanced stage. “